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Sun Sun HW-3000 3000L/H Canister Filter. Complete With UV

Sun Sun HW-3000 3000L/H Canister Filter. Complete With UV

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SUNSUN HW-3000 Canister Filter Reduced from $399.95!
The latest generation in filter technology.

Newest canister from SunSun that is easy and simple to use. The SUNSUN HW-3000 Canister Filter features a LCD display for easy control. With a LCD display, users are able to adjust the flow of the pump from a low trickle to the full 3000 litres per hour.

The SUNSUN HW-3000 Canister Filter also has a controllable built-in 9W UV sterilizer, which is perfect for keeping algae away from your aquarium. The new HW-3000 requires no priming to start. Simply fill both intake and outtake tubes with tank water, plug in the power and water will start moving.

Includes white dacron filter media.

Please notice all canister filters go through water pressurize test before boxing by the Manufacture to ensure there are no leaking. There maybe condensation still trapped inside the filters. Please be assured the filter you receive is brand new and unused.




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