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Tetra Min Pro Tropical Crisps 67gm

Tetra Min Pro Tropical Crisps 67gm

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Tetra Min Tropical Crisps 78gm

This unique looking food takes the guesswork out of feeding your fish. Simply feed one Crisp per lateral inch of fish in your aquarium. When you do, your fish will be enjoying the ultimate in nutrition. These highly digestible Crisps generate as much as 35% less waste than competing flake foods.

In addition, each Crisp is “color coded” so that you can easily see the benefits the Crisp delivers to your fish:

Green spots indicate healthy spirulina algae containing easy-to-digest protein
Red spots demonstrate a high level of carotenoids which stimulate rich color
Orange spots are for high-protein krill which enhances muscle growth
The outer ring of each Crisp contains all essential nutrients

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