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Up-Aqua Small Buffer Bucket 1L

Up-Aqua Small Buffer Bucket 1L

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Up-Aqua Small Buffer Bucket 1L

When generally exchange water for the tank, the new water change excessively will cause the tank water temperature, the acid and alkali value a change quickly, also creates the fish physiology to fall ill or even die. When precribes medicine, also will make the excitant to the fish. Now use the Up Aqua the water buffer barrel, when change the water in the tank or prescribes medicine lets these injuries reduce to the lowest risks. Let in your tank, the fish maintain at the best comfortable condition.

1. Simple operation, the barrel output located at the bottom increase operation much stability.
2. The barrel bod attaches the precise scale division, makes control recruitment accurately.
3. Precision regulating valve design, can adjust output capacity as a buffer.
4. Barrel with expands tube and precise contract conttol, can depend on the demand to adjust the buffer aquantity use at different times.

When the tank water exchanges the water, put the new water in the barrel, then pour out the right amount of water condition or other medicine into the barrel, then adjust regulating valve of the output capacity, causes it to flow slowly into the tank, let the fish not be able to feel the water quality and water tempurature change, reducing to lower risk.

When prescibes medicine or other nutritional, may first fill in the water in the buffer barrel , then pours right amount of medicine or into nutritional in the buffer barrel, the readjustment regulating valve output capacity, causes it to flow slowly into the tank, let the fish easy change to the new water.


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