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Sun Sun UV-C Sterilizer Internal Koi /Pond /Aqu Tank 13Watts CUP-613

Sun Sun UV-C Sterilizer Internal Koi /Pond /Aqu Tank 13Watts CUP-613

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Sun Sun INTERNAL UV-C Sterilizer Koi/Marine/Fresh Water 13 Watts NEW

We offer a easy to use INTERNAL UVC sterilizer for your tank . The water UV cleaner has no pipes to connect, it comes complete with power head and filter. This UVC unit will replace your power head and air pump.

Aquaristik are only too familiar with the problem: Despite thorough cleaning, the fish swim in "turbid" water or breeding is unsuccessful due to egg fungal attack....
This is usually caused by pollution of the aquarium water by bacterial microorganisms, organisms causing water turbidity or suspended algae.

Using an UVC water sterilizer effectively prevents these spreading without harmful side effects. The usage of a UVC sterilizer will not change your water conditions, except the redox level, which will improve the water quality. This is the most reliable way to remove harmful bacteria in fresh and seawater aquariums.

With the UVC water sterilizer, only the water flowing past the UVC sterilizer is irradiated. In this way, only harmful microorganisms (germs, organisms causing water turbidity and suspended algae) are destroyed. The nitrification bacteria essential for the biological balance in all aquariums, which adhere to the aquarium filter, bottom of the aquarium, plants and stones are not harmed in any way. UVC water sterilization is the secret weapon among breeders against bacteria and egg fungal attack. The use of UVC water sterilization ensures first class water quality also in heavily stocked communal tanks.

This unit is made for Marine and Fresh Water aquariums.

Unit Size 98x90x305mm
Power: 13Watt
Cable length: 2 m
Flowrate: 800L/h
Tanksize (sterilisation) max: 800 L

Permanent Control over algae blooms

Eliminates harmful microorganisms instantly

Features high clarity quartz glass chamber

Sets up instantly, easy tool-free maintenance

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