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Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex

Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex

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Vertex Cleaner-Mag Duplex

The Vertex Duplex cleaning magnet is an elegant way to clean the algae from the glass on smaller tanks that are made from thinner glass up to 8mm (3/8") thickness.

The outside piece is a low profile Acrylic rectangular block that encases one magnet, while the inside piece is also rectangular to accommodate better cleaning of the aquarium edges and hard to reach corners.

Smooth white satin fabric is attached onto the outside piece to stop any possible scratching of your aquarium. Coarse white fabric is attached onto the inside piece to clean the glass.

Outside Piece Dimensions: 2.7"L x 0.55"W x 0.86"H
Inside Piece Dimensions: 1.65"L x 0.35"W x 0.86"H

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